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Dr. Deb Thompson, C.Psych

***Dr. Thompson works with adults only (18 years of age and older)***

Tel: 613-252-3792
Fax: 613-695-0902
Location of office: Bells Corners

Raised in the Ottawa Valley, Dr. Thompson moved to Ottawa in 2016 after over 20 years of private practice in Kingston. The capacities of ordinary people to emerge from tough times with courage, resilience, compassion, generosity, gratitude and connection have captivated her since childhood. Her belief in supporting these core values continues to ground her work to this day, and is the foundation of her life’s intention to help heal human suffering and support growth and flourishing.

Clients describe Dr. Thompson as energetic, down to earth, warm, humorous and respectful. She strives to be practical and is keen to use clients’ valuable time effectively. People comment that her office in Ottawa is cozy and light, like a living room, which she hopes helps them relax into a place where they can talk openly. Clients who access her services through secure video conferencing are amazed by how she is able to connect with care and perceptiveness from a distance. People of all backgrounds, races, religions, gender identities and sexual orientations are welcome in her practice.

Outside work, Dr. Thompson enjoys spending time with her three young adult children and Airedale terrier, as well as family and old and new friends. Making music playlists, teaching indoor cycling, running, biking, hiking, skiing and visual arts are elements of her well-nourished life.

trees1Areas of Practice

Dr. Thompson provides individual psychotherapy and life and executive coaching to adults aged 18 and up.

She helps people who are affected in their self-esteem, moods, coping and relationships by exposure to:

She provides a safe place to integrate and heal from losses related to:

She provides warm, wise and evidence-based guidance to develop the skills needed to access:

Through candid conversations with Dr. Thompson, clients can become more aware of their true longings, purpose and identity, and build capacities to engage in life with more fullness, freedom and alignment, including:

Therapeutic Approaches

Dr. Thompson’s work as a therapist for over 25 years has been supported and informed by many traditions, including:

Dr. Thompson endeavours to:

Professional Biography

Dr. Thompson’s professional practice is based on her completion of Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Clinical Psychology at Queen’s University, and working experience since 1986 when she completed her Masters degree. Following her Ph.D., she completed extensive written and oral licensing exams to become registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario in 1994. The college requires her to participate in a Quality Assurance program, ensuring that she keeps up to date. Dr. Thompson is a member of the Canadian Psychological Association and the Canadian Register of Health Service Psychologists. She has published in peer reviewed journals and enjoys developing and giving workshops and seminars.

Following her own journey towards better work-life balance and well-being in 2004 onward, Dr. Thompson was inspired to go back to school with Integral Coaching Canada in Ottawa in 2005 through to 2008 to become certified as an Integral Master Coach™, adding to her academic and embodied understanding of how adults can make sustainable and meaningful life changes. She learned powerful ways to understand how and why we can get stuck, despite our best efforts and intentions, and an effective and truly comprehensive method to kick start traction and keep it going all the way through to real and lasting change. As a coach for senior students with Integral Coaching Canada, as well as executives taking their MBAs at Queen’s University, Dr. Thompson became adept at providing services over the phone and via secure video-conferencing, allowing her to work with people around the world – 15 countries and counting! She is credentialed at the Professional level with the International Coaching Federation.