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Ottawa West Professional Services Offering Psychological Services for Children, Youth, Adults, Families, and Couples

Dr. Zohar BenDavid-Streiner, C.Psych

Tel: 613-321-0915 ext. 1
Fax: 613-421-0187
Location of office: Nepean

Dr. Zohar BenDavid-Streiner is a clinical psychologist registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario. Dr. BenDavid-Streiner provides psychological services to children, adolescents, couples, and families who are experiencing a range of difficulties. Dr. BenDavid-Streiner uses a variety of therapeutic approaches based on her clients’ concerns and presenting issues. She believes in working collaboratively with other professionals to maximize the efficacy of services to clients. To further this goal, she is willing, when appropriate, to conduct sessions or meetings outside her office.

trees1Areas of Practice

Dr. Zohar BenDavid-Streiner conducts psycho-educational assessments with children, adolescents and adult students, including assessing for learning disabilities, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, giftedness, and developmental/intellectual delay.

Over the years, Dr. BenDavid-Streiner has provided therapy to clients facing a variety of issues, among them:

Therapeutic Approaches

Dr. BenDavid-Streiner believes in tailoring the therapeutic approach to the needs of the client and the nature of presenting issues. To achieve this, she takes into consideration the cognitive, cultural, developmental, and interpersonal styles of her clients, as well as drawing upon her extensive training and experience in diverse therapeutic modalities, including:


Dr. Zohar BenDavid Streiner offers on-line Therapy (Teletherapy, Telehealth, Virtual therapy) using the OnCall Health platform. Clients need to be Ontario residents to receive on-line therapy or consultation services from Dr. Zohar BenDavid-Streiner.

Professional Biography

Dr. BenDavid-Streiner received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Ottawa, a doctoral program that is accredited by both The Canadian Psychological Association and The American Psychological Association.

Dr. BenDavid-Streiner worked for 5 years as a clinical psychologist with the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario’s Eating Disorders Program in the Day Treatment Program, outpatient services, and inpatient services. Her roles included assessment of eating disorders and related conditions (e.g., depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, learning disability), as well as individual, family, and group therapy.

Dr. BenDavid-Streiner also worked for 8 years as a clinical psychologist with the Ottawa Carleton District School Board. As a psychologist in an educational setting, she conducted psycho-educational and risk assessments, provided consultation services to school personnel, and offered crisis intervention and counselling services to students of different age groups.

In addition, Dr. BenDavid-Streiner worked in a child and youth community clinic affiliated with a psychiatric hospital and at a Center for Psychological Services in a community college. In the latter setting she provided family and couple therapy, and therapeutic services to adults.

Dr. BenDavid-Streiner has provided private practice services since 2001, and has worked solely in private practice since 2011. Dr. BenDavid-Streiner is a member of several international, national, provincial, and local professional associations. To continue keeping up to date with new developments in her field, Dr. Bendavid-Streiner regularly reads scientific and clinical psychology literature and attends psychology and allied-fields conferences and workshops. Dr. BenDavid-Streiner offers presentations and workshops on a variety of mental health issues.