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Ottawa, Ontario, K2G 5W3
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Welcome to Ottawa West Professional Services

Referrals are accepted from a variety of sources, including self-referrals, physicians, insurance companies, and
other healthcare providers and related professionals.

Registered Psychologists


Dr. Zohar BenDavid-Streiner, C.Psych
Dr. Gary Goldfield, C.Psych
Dr. Alex Nounopoulos, C. Psych
Dr. Angela Stewart, C.Psych
Dr. Tina Shanahan, C.Psych
Ioana Lazarovici, Dipl.Psych., C.Psych
Dr. Tatiana Nedecheva, C. Psych
Dr. Deb Thompson, C. Psych.
Dr. Karima Lacène, C. Psych.

Registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario

Opportunity for Supervision for Registration with the College of Psychologists of Ontario (Supervised Practice Year)


Please

Registered Social Workers


Lori Kartes, M.S.W, R.S.W.
Troy Kenny, M.S.W., R.S.W.

Registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers

Registered Psychotherapists


Jacqueline Mathurin, MS, RP, RMFT

A member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO)

Please refer to the FAQs page to read about the difference between psychologists and psychotherapists.

Working Towards Designation as a Registered Psychotherapist


Amanda George, M.A.
(working towards designation as a registered psychotherapist)

Psychometrists and Practicum Placements


Amanda George, M.A. Candidate (Under Supervision)
Rachel Côté, M.Sc. (Under Supervision)

Sometimes counselling services may be offered by students who are completing a practicum at Ottawa West Professional Services to fulfill requirements for a graduate degree in clinical or counselling psychology. They provide services under the supervision of a registered psychologist.


Individual Therapy

Individual therapy or counseling involves one-on-one meetings with a trained professional in a confidential, safe, and empathic environment. During these meetings, the client has an opportunity to explore their feelings, thoughts, and actions; better understand themselves and others; deal with challenging past memories and/or stressful current life events, set personal goals; and work toward desired changes in their lives. More...


Parent Counselling

Parent counselling can support parents who are looking for some guidance and information on a variety of child/adolescent-rearing issues. The goal is to help parents deal effectively with behavioral and emotional difficulties their child or teen experience. More...


Couple Therapy

Couple or marriage therapy is designed to help couples work through relationship or communication challenges, and enhance emotional closeness, and intimacy. The focus of couple therapy is to identify the reasons for dissatisfaction in the relationship, to help clients address or alleviate their relationship issues, and to restore their relationship to a better and healthier level of functioning. More...


Family Therapy

Family therapy is primarily concerned with the family as a social unit, in contrast to other psychotherapy approaches which focus mainly on the individual. Family therapists pay attention to the role of wider systems, such as the community and the culture to which the family belongs, and the effects of these systems on clients' lives. More...


Psycho-Educational Assessment & Neuropsychological Assessment

Is your child or teen struggling academically? Do you encounter difficulties performing tasks at work, college or university? Do you or your children have problems with attention, memory, or academic skills? A psycho-educational assessment can help you evaluate your child's or your own learning strengths and weaknesses. More...


Diagnostic Assessment

An assessment is an important step that helps the clinician understand your concerns, your child’s challenges, or your family’s difficulties. Typically, it will involve both an interview and the completion of questionnaires with the goal of identifying the issues that are most pressing and some of their possible causes. More...