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Psychoeducational Assessment & Neuropsychological Assessment


Psycho-educational Assessment

Is your child or teen struggling academically? Do you encounter difficulties performing tasks at work, college or university? Do you or your children have problems with attention, memory, or academic skills? A psycho-educational assessment can help you evaluate your child’s or your own learning strengths and weaknesses.

A psycho-educational assessment is made up of two types of testing: psychological or cognitive assessment and educational assessment. Cognitive assessment, in general, measures learning potential, not what has been learned. Cognitive assessment is designed to evaluate a wide range of abilities, including intellectual functioning (both verbal and non-verbal problem solving), attention, executive functioning, language processing, and memory (e.g., short-term and long-term memory, auditory and visual memory, immediate recall, delay recall, and recognition). Educational assessment measures what has been learned in math, reading, spelling, written expression, and other academic areas. A psycho-educational assessment is helpful in examining a number of factors that might influence academic or work performance.

Please refer to the FAQs Page for more information about psycho-educational assessments.

Practitioners Offering Psycho-Educational Assessments

Neuropsychological Assessment

Neuropsychological assessments give an overall picture of how a client’s brain functions, and the results of such assessments can facilitate treatment or rehabilitation programs. Neuropsychological assessments are often recommended if:

During a neuropsychological assessment, your psychologist will administer various  neuropsychological tests; some are computerized, while others utilize pencil and paper, or other objects. Most of the tests involve answering questions or performing tasks. The different neuropsychological tests are designed to assess brain functions and include:

The following factors can affect the results of neuropsychological and psycho-educational tests:

Practitioners offering Neuropsychological Assessments